Real World AED Use

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Life-Saving AED Use During a Community First Aid Course

While filming a Community First Aid course with the Metropolitan Police and citizenAID, a real-life emergency occurred, requiring the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

A Timely Emergency: The Need for a Live AED Unit

During the CPR and AED module, Chris, a participant in the course, urgently requested a live AED unit for an actual emergency. Despite the improbability of needing an AED in the middle of the module, the situation was real.

Real-Life AED Success: A First-Hand Account

Chris recounts how officers went to the aid of a woman experiencing a heart attack. They brought the AED to her and successfully administered first aid, ultimately saving her life. The London Ambulance Service then transported her to the hospital.

Importance of Time in Medical Emergencies

In emergencies like heart attacks, every minute counts. Increasing the availability of AEDs and Community First Aid kits within the community can make a significant difference.

Easy-to-Use AEDs and Community Involvement

Chris highlights the straightforward and user-friendly nature of AEDs, which provide clear instructions. Promoting community engagement and increasing the number of first aid training courses can help save more lives.