School Project

Training program designed for Key stage 3 students, in a school environment. 

This FREE course is available to every single school nationwide and teaches students the essentials of First Aid

At ProTrainings, we believe that every school child should learn basic first aid skills, but this is difficult and costly to schools. Our answer is to offer a free video online course to all school students in the UK where they can not only learn first aid skills but also learn how to use online training courses which will help improve their ICT skills. On the course, various first aid subjects are covered to encourage children to help someone in need but also to ensure that they keep themselves safe at all times and make sure that they get help.

You can register your school, club, or organisation free direct with ProTrainings or if you are at school, you can also register.

Step 1 - Decide

This Free Community Student First Aid gives you the option of providing a 100% online awareness-level course or a blended course that will allow you to issue a community-level first aid certificate. If you choose to implement the hands-on program, there may be an additional cost for CPR manikins.

Step 2 - Delegate

Choose the class and the teachers who are going to be administering the first aid course. We will provide dashboards, training and support to each of these teachers at no cost.

Step 3 - Register

Register your school by contacting us. We will give dashboard access to each teacher and any other staff who need oversight. Training on using the website is available through the dashboard help.

Step 4 - Class Creation

Once supplied with login information, teachers can access their dashboard. From the dashboard, they can create classes. Class codes are automatically generated. Teachers will distribute the class code to students, who will then be tied to that individual class.

Step 5 - Assignment Completion

From the dashboard, teachers are able to track student completion of the online course (students can also print a completion page). Skill evaluation check sheets are also available on the dashboard and can be printed as needed.

In order to keep this program free, teachers will print the certification cards from their printer and distribute the certificates to the students.

Staff and instructors

We offer training courses for staff an teachers to alow the addition of practical components to be delivered to children. We also sell a full range of first aid equipment and have special offers for schools on Practi-MAN CPR manikins.

Contact us if you need help or access to the course for your school or club.