Community First Aid and the citizenAID® system

citizenAID®: Empowering the Public to Save Lives
In Partnership with Metropolitan Police

citizenAID® Community Project

citizenAID® are a UK charity empowering the public to save lives. Their mission is to prepare individuals, communities and organisations to help themselves and each other when there are multiple casualties, particularly from deliberate attacks.

This course is aimed at the community to teach you the basics of what to do if you come across someone in need. 

School's Project - Free training for every school student

A training program designed for Key stage 3 students in a school environment. At ProTrainings, we believe that every school child should learn basic first aid skills, but this is difficult and costly to schools. Our answer is to offer a free video online course to all UK school students where they can learn first aid skills and how to use online training courses which will help improve their ICT skills.

You can register your school, club or organisation free direct with ProTrainings or if you are at school, you can also register.

Business Area

A training program designed for businesses of all sizes.  Our program helps to train businesses of all sizes to prepare them in case the worst should happen. Injury can occur in the workplace but also, by terrorism and being trained, you and your staff will be able to help save a life.


Designed and manufactured by citizenAID® clinical team, the Tourni-KEY® is a novel, tough plastic lightweight device that can be used with a triangular bandage or piece of clothing to act as an effective tourniquet to stop severe bleeding from a limb that can not be stopped by simple methods. An anti-pinch card is included to stop skin bunching when tightening the Tourni-KEY. 

Moggy's Coming

Moggy’s Coming is the first in a series of educational books featuring the Mulberry School mice in emergency situations. 

Created by the citizenAID® team to help both parents and teachers emphasise the key ‘Run, Hide, Tell, Treat’ message in a non-threatening way, Moggy’s Coming has already received 100% feedback from 500 Birmingham based teachers, who piloted the story.

Designed specifically for Key Stage 1 and 2 children, Moggy’s Coming provides sensitive and appropriate preparation for young children to be able to understand and deal with the unlikely but not impossible chance of being caught up in a deliberate attack.

citizenAID® Pocket Guide

Sometimes paper is easier to use than an App on a phone. This is ideal for carrying with you and an ideal addition to all First Aid Kits. Provides a series of steps to follow in case of an emergency.

The award-winning app

citizenAID® have developed a free, no ads app, which can be downloaded onto your mobile phone. This app is a simple and clear-reaching aid for immediate actions and first aid for a stabbing, bomb incident, mass shooting, and more. There is also a function that links the user to their phone to dial 999 when prompted to call the emergency services. 

The citizenAID® app reduces anxiety from difficult decision-making in an unfamiliar situation. Follow the logical steps to do the right things in the right order. 

Accredited Training from ProTrainings Europe

ProTrainings offer over 350 different courses and we are adding new courses all the time.  We ensure that we have as many endorsements and approvals to ensure your qualification meets industry and organisational standards.