citizenAID - Public information film from citizenAID - Response to a bombing

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Emergency Response Protocol: Explosion Incident

Situation Overview

Immediate actions and communication during an explosion emergency.

Key Points:

  • Ensure safety: "Watch your step, take care."
  • Request for clearance: "Clear the area for space."
  • Assigning responsibilities: "Denholm, attend to casualties."
  • Notifying emergency services: "I'm radioing this in."

Incident Report

Details of the explosion and casualties reported to emergency services.

Report Summary:

  • Van Singh, Transport Manager, reporting:
  • Explosion occurred in main stairs area.
  • Seven people injured, three unable to walk.
  • No fires detected, building deemed stable.
  • One security member on site.
  • Urgent request for all emergency services.

Casualty Care and First Aid

Actions taken to address injuries and provide immediate assistance.

First Aid Procedures:

  • Application of tourniquet to control severe bleeding.
  • Assessment and triage of casualties based on condition.
  • Use of improvised materials for wound care.
  • Support and reassurance for injured individuals.

Assessment and Prioritization

Evaluation of casualties and determination of treatment priorities.

Assessment Highlights:

  • Identification of severe injuries such as amputations and burns.
  • Triage process to allocate resources effectively.
  • Documentation of injuries and actions taken for medical handover.