citizenAID - Immediate actions following a suspect or exploded bomb

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citizenAID: Preparing for Bomb Incidents

While rare, a bomb explosion in a crowded place can cause multiple casualties. It is an unpredictable situation, but taking time to prepare can save lives. citizenAID is a system developed by medical experts to give you the knowledge and skills to act in these difficult situations, drawing on military experience that has saved soldiers' lives with similar injuries.

Discovering a Suspect Bag

If you discover an unattended bag that makes you suspect a bomb, ask loudly, "Is this anyone's bag," before you clear the area. Report what you have seen to an official if you can, or call 999 and be prepared to answer likely questions the operator will ask. You must check any area you move to for further suspicious items and stop others from approaching the suspect bomb while you wait for help.

Responding to a Bomb Explosion

When a bomb explodes, there will be an initial panic. Follow the logical steps in citizenAID to provide an order to your immediate actions and save lives. Remember, control, then act. Control the scene, then assess, communicate, and triage. Your own safety is paramount. Be alert for any other suspect bombs. Use all bystanders effectively to control access if needed and to free the injured from danger. Tell the walking wounded to sit down in one safe place and wait for the emergency services. Keep assessing for dangers.

Treating Casualties

If there is more than one casualty, prioritize their severity and treat them in priority order. citizenAID will guide you on how to treat each casualty. Stopping severe bleeding is essential to prevent avoidable deaths, but you must act quickly. citizenAID gives you the skills and confidence to use a tourniquet to stop limb bleeding. If you do not have any equipment, you will be guided on how to improvise. citizenAID will also prompt you on how to hand over care to the emergency services using the MIST message.

Staying Safe and Saving Lives

The scene of a bomb incident can be chaotic and upsetting. citizenAID will help keep you and others safe while providing a simple system for immediate actions and effective treatment until the emergency services arrive. Learn the system and be ready. You can save lives.