citizenAID - Immediate actions in an active shooter or knife attack

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CitizenAID: Saving Lives in Emergency Situations

Although multiple casualties from shootings or stabbings are rare, preparation can make all the difference in saving lives. Developed by medical experts, citizenAID equips you with the knowledge and skills to act in these difficult situations, drawing on military experience that has saved soldiers' lives with similar injuries.

Prioritizing Your Safety

Your own safety is the most important consideration in any emergency situation. The citizenAID system advises you to:

  • Run and escape if you can.
  • Hide if you cannot escape.
  • Tell the emergency services once you are safe. Be prepared to answer likely questions about your situation, location, the number of injured, any dangers present, and the emergency services needed.

citizenAID guides you through these steps on the app or using the pocket guide.

Triage and Treatment

If it is safe to do so, treat the injured. First, prioritize their severity using the triage method. Then, start treating in priority order. The citizenAID system can guide you through the process using the app or the pocket guide.

Your first look at each casualty will guide you to treat their injuries consistently and safely. To save lives, it is crucial to stop bleeding quickly. Severe bleeding can kill in just a few minutes. Pack a large wound and apply pressure. Lift up an injured limb to further slow bleeding. If necessary, use a tourniquet to control limb bleeding. citizenAID teaches you how to improvise with everyday items and clothing if you don't have the equipment.

The citizenAID system also guides you through treating the unresponsive casualty, broken limbs, and burns, providing simple skills to save lives, reduce pain, and keep the injured safe until help arrives.

MIST Message Structure

When you hand over care to the emergency services, use the MIST message structure to ensure the continuity of care you have started.

Be Prepared and Stay Safe

citizenAID is designed to help you stay safe and make the best decisions in a frightening situation. Learn the system and be ready. You can save lives.