Improvised gloves

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Why Wearing Gloves in First Aid is Important

It is crucial to wear gloves in first aid to prevent the spread of bodily fluids between the patient and the first aider. Gloves form a barrier that protects both parties from any potential harm.

What to Use When Gloves Are Not Available

Although gloves are the best option for protecting yourself in first aid situations, there are other items that you can use in their absence.

Dog Poo Bags

If you are out walking with your dog, you may have a dog poo bag with you. Although these bags are thin, they are strong enough to handle dog waste, and they can also be used as makeshift gloves. If you need to put direct pressure on a wound, a dog poo bag will work well. When you are done, turn the bag inside out and dispose of it.

Plastic Bags

If you do not have a dog poo bag, any plastic bag will suffice. It may be less flexible, but it will still provide a barrier between you and the patient's bodily fluids. Ensure that the bag is sealed tight to avoid any leakage.

Coffee Packets or Similar Items

If you are in a situation where you do not have access to either gloves or plastic bags, you can use items such as old coffee packets or crisp packets. These items can provide a barrier, but they are not as reliable as gloves or plastic bags.


While gloves are the best option for protecting yourself in first-aid situations, it is essential to know what to use when they are not available. Dog poo bags, plastic bags, and similar items can all be used as makeshift gloves, but they are not as reliable as gloves or plastic bags. Remember to always dispose of any used items safely.