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citizenAID Pocket Guide: Essential Information for Emergency Situations

The citizenAID Pocket Guide provides crucial guidance on how to respond to terrorist attacks, knife assaults, and active shooter situations. Produced by citizenAID, a charity dedicated to training and educating the public on emergency preparedness, this easy-to-follow, inexpensive guide is an invaluable resource for everyone.

Overview of the citizenAID Pocket Guide

The pocket guide consists of two sides, each covering different aspects of emergency response:

  • Side 1: Preparation, identifying unattended items, knife attacks, active shooters, vehicle attacks, explosions, and treatment options.
  • Side 2: Treatment procedures, including stopping bleeding, using tourniquets and the Tourni-Key, addressing thermal and acid burns, and handing over to emergency medical services.

Each section is colour-coded for easy navigation and comprehension.

Using the SLIDE Acronym

The guide also introduces the SLIDE acronym, which helps you remember the essential information to relay to emergency medical services.

citizenAID Pocket Guide: Perfect for First Aid Kits and Everyday Use

This compact guide is ideal for inclusion in first aid kits, critical injury kits, catastrophic bleeding kits, workplaces, and vehicles. Familiarising yourself with the guide before an emergency occurs will enable you to act quickly and efficiently in a crisis.

citizenAID App: Access Information on Your Mobile Device

In addition to the pocket guide, citizenAID offers a free app that stores the same information on your phone, ensuring that it's accessible even when mobile networks are down. Remember to keep your phone on silent during emergencies to avoid drawing attention to your location.

How to Get Your citizenAID Pocket Guide

Purchase the citizenAID Pocket Guide from citizenAID or through our website, For more information on the guide, the Tourni-Key, or other first aid equipment, email us at or give us a call.