Acid burns

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Acid Burns First Aid: Handling and Treatment

Acid burns can occur in various situations, such as deliberate attacks, factory accidents, or exposure to high-level acids. When dealing with acid burns, ensuring your safety and following appropriate first aid measures is crucial.

Using the citizenAID Card or App

Both the citizenAID card and app provide step-by-step guidance for treating acid burns. The information includes crucial steps highlighted in red to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Steps for Treating Acid Burns

  1. Ensure your safety: Avoid contact with the acid and ensure the aggressor, if any, is not nearby.
  2. Wear gloves: Put on gloves, available in most first aid kits, to protect your hands from the acid.
  3. Remove contaminated clothing: Carefully cut away or tear off clothing with acid on it, being cautious not to touch the acid yourself.
  4. Rinse burns with copious water: Flush the affected area with water to dilute and neutralise the acid. Use a neutralising agent if available and appropriate.
  5. Handle facial burns carefully: For facial burns, lean the person forward and pour water over the back of their head, protecting their eyes and airways.
  6. Contact emergency services: Activate the emergency services for further assistance.

The citizenAID pocket guide and app offer clear instructions, diagrams, and the essential information to effectively treat acid burns and ensure safety for both the victim and the caregiver.