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Now we have reached the end of the course we are going to run through a summary of main points. First thing you need to do with First Aid is just to identify that someone does need help. So if you see someone in need then you can approach them, but remember when you approach somebody: STOP, THINK and ACT. Make sure that when you approach them you stop and you think about what is exactly going on. Make sure that you keep yourself safe at all times. Look out for any potential dangers - never go into any situation that you think could be dangerous, and that could apply from the person or the situation around. The whole time you are treating that person, make sure that you keep looking out for dangers, because some other things may well happen. It is important to talk to the patient all the time, even if they are unconscious. Just keep talking to them, this could reassure them. It is vital that you call the Emergency Services, remember we are dialling 999, or get an adult or someone around to call for you. Make sure you get help. If you have got somebody who is breathing but unconscious, we put them in the recovery position. Someone who is not breathing we would do CPR. First Aid is not difficult. From this course, you have learnt all the basics and you can potentially save someone's life. Now you don't really want to leave it here. You want to learn more, and you can learn more by having a practical First Aid session in your school - you can get your school to contact us directly, and you can also go on and do further courses. Have a look on our website. There is more information on other courses you can do. Also, have a look on our website for details of our social media side, things like Facebook. Join us there, tell us what you thought of the course, tell us your experiences. Thank you for watching, I hope you have enjoyed your course and hopefully we will see you again soon.