Printing Your Certificate

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Secure Your Course Completion Certificate

Successfully completing this course entitles you to a certificate, a testament to your achievement. This guide will help you understand how to obtain and preserve your certificate.

Certificate Issuance

Upon completing the course, you have the option to print or save a digital copy of your certificate. We highly recommend securing a copy to commemorate your achievement.

Timeframe for Certificate Access

It's important to note that you have a 28-day window to print or download your certificate starting from the date you finish the course. Due to data protection regulations, we cannot retain your records beyond this period.

Accessing Your Certificate

You can log in to your course account at any time within those 28 days to access your certificate. Ensure that you download and print your certificate within this timeframe to avoid any inconvenience.

Make sure to keep your login credentials handy and mark your calendar to retrieve your certificate promptly after course completion.