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Ask "Are you choking?"? If a person is unable to breathe or speak treat them as below. If they can talk or cough, allow them to continue until they clear the obstruction or you feel you need to call the EMS.


Activate EMS. 

For Adult and Child

Stand behind the victim with one foot in between the victims’ feet and your other foot behind you.

Perform 5 back slaps between the patient's shoulder blades.  Place the flat side of your fist just above the patient's belly button. Grab the back of your fist with the other hand and pull inwards and upwards.

Continue back slaps and abdominal thrusts until the object is cleared or the patient becomes unconscious. If they become unconscious, when you would perform CPR. 

Advise the patient to seek medical help afterwards, even if the object has been successfully cleared.

Infants?Administer 5 back blows and chest thrusts using your two fingers as shown until the obstruction is cleared or the patient becomes unconscious.

Special Circumstances

If the patient is pregnant or too large to reach around, place your fist in the middle of the chest to perform chest thrusts.

Never practice abdominal thrust on a real person.