Keeping Safe in an Emergency

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Prevention of an injury is much better than dealing with the injury itself. If we keep safe and think about possible accidents, there would be fewer injuries. That's not always easy since we get distracted and do not always realize the possible dangers.

One way you can prevent an accident is to not injure yourself as you're helping someone with first aid. Many people do not think or get distracted by dealing with the emergency and then get hurt by the thing that hurt the patient in the first place. To avoid injury, you should always make sure you stop, think and then act.  The whole time you are helping someone, keep looking out for potential dangers.

In some cases, blood can be a danger to you since it may contain harmful pathogens that could infect you. Although these pathogens are dangerous, you can easily protect yourself by using gloves when you carry out any first aid.  They are simple to put on and they will protect you by forming a barrier between your skin and the blood.

Illness can affect someone at any time and is not usually preventable, but you still need to keep safe yourself as you help a sick person.