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Welcome to the Community First Aid and CitizenAID System Course

Join our video online course offered by ProTrainings and citizenAID for comprehensive first aid training and support.

Course Options and Availability

This course is available:

  • Online
  • As a face-to-face classroom course with practical training
  • In levels one and two
  • For children of different ages

Contact us for more information on local courses and group training options.

Online Course Structure

In this online course, you will:

  • Watch a series of short videos
  • Answer questions after each video
  • Take a test at the end of the course

Student Resources and Support

Access the Student Resources section to:

  • Download the course manual
  • Find useful information and links

After completing the course, you can:

  • Download your certificate
  • Refresh your skills with continued course access
  • Sign up for weekly video refresher emails

ProTrainings Course Offerings

ProTrainings offers:

  • Over 300 video online courses
  • 350 face-to-face courses nationwide
  • A network of over 1500 instructors
  • A supply side for first aid and medical products

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Enjoy the course, and let's get started!