How important is learning First Aid by Sir Keith Porter

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Teaching First Aid to Children and Adults

First aid education is essential for people of all ages, including young children. By teaching first aid in schools, children can learn basic life support, trauma care, and other vital skills.

Benefits of First Aid Education for Children

Teaching first aid to children at a young age helps them become more aware of potential dangers and equips them with the knowledge to handle emergencies. It also promotes engagement and active learning.

Approaching First Aid Education for Children

Introducing first aid to children in a non-scary and non-confrontational manner helps them understand the importance of these skills without causing unnecessary stress. Using age-appropriate examples, such as the story of "Moggies Coming," where a cat scratches a few people, demonstrates how first aid can be applied in everyday situations.

Positive Experiences with First Aid Education

Teaching first aid principles to primary school children in Barnett Green, West Midlands, has shown that children are receptive to learning these skills. They ask insightful questions and show great interest in understanding first aid when taught in a suitable manner.


Everyone should learn first aid, regardless of their age. Introducing first aid education in schools, especially primary schools, can create a generation that is well-prepared to handle emergencies and support their community's safety.